***Mignonnes (Cuties) Review***

First of all, allow me to apologise to all who have been affected by the trailer of this movie. I will kindly ask those affected to seek a form of therapy because you have unsolved sexual issues inside you that was triggered by the trailer. You need healing from them.

I did not need to watch the movie twice, nor did I need explanation as I understand both languages: French and English.

For me, it is not sexual, rather it was a message that the writer wanted to pass to parents and there was no other way but to tell it exactly how it really is!

This movie is not a fiction, it should have been a ‘True story’ because the hidden messages were so clear to me and I wondered if this was because I have my spiritual eyes open.

Here are a few messages this movie was trying to pass on to its audience or spectators:

1. Parenting Skills:

We see an 11 year old literally going to the big store with her 3/4 year old brother and 9 month old baby.

At just 11 years of age she has been forced into adulthood and parenting, and that is very traumatic for any child. The movie demonstrates that she wanted to be a child and not this grown adult they wanted her to be. 

When she started her menstrual cycle, the aunty literally told her that she was a woman now. I was like “no no no, she’s 11 and started her period, that’s all. Stop putting it in her mind that she’s a woman!” Talk to her about what was happening to her body instead.

2. Father & Daughter Relationships:

The movie demonstrates how the first female born of a couple can easily be mentally disturbed if the father chooses to be with another woman. The movie shows us the spiritual effects that happen to every first born female who has to accept the fact that their father has gotten another woman who is not their mother. To an 11 year old, it registers that “If dad can choose another woman over my mum, it also means that he has chosen the children he will have with that woman over me”! A father is the most important person to a little girl when growing up and when there’s another woman involved who is not the girl’s mother, it’s like a spirit of jealousy enters the child! The fact that she found out about her dad through other people makes her feel less important to her dad. It would have been nice if the father did have a conversation about it with her. African men believe that they can do what they like and people have to accept it. Notice how the dress she was supposed to wear at her father’s wedding seemed to be cursed in a way? She hated the dress because to her it represented the acceptance of her father having a second wife. Towards the end of the movie, I love how the mother said to her that it was ok if she did not attend the father’s wedding. The girl didn’t want her mother to go to the wedding either, but how the mother defended her gave her peace. The mother knew she was acting out of shock. You see, when we start having children, we tend to think what happens to us does not affect them. IT AFFECTS THEM 100% OF THE TIME! This movie just physically showed us that.

3. Religious Ignorance and abuse:

All I will say is this: God is not in religion. God is in relationship and God is a spirit. Just like evil spirits can manifest in people’s bodies, God can manifest the same way too. The fact that she can be amongst prayerful women in a religious setting and watch a video of women twerking is a sign that what happens in most religious settings is just a manipulation of some kind. The message that the lady was preaching was manipulative to those women and the man who came into the girl’s house to pray said to the mum that what she’s going through with her husband is challenging. She can leave the marriage if she wants to but there was an evil spirit inside of her daughter! He actually spoke sense and her daughter was reacting to what was happening to the parents. What many men fail to understand is that the devil is not after your adult relationship, he is after your seed: your children. The father’s greed to have multiple women is the cause of the rebellious spirit that came upon the child and caused her to behave in that manner. Women need to stop staying or tolerating cheating men, these men are spiritually bringing spiritual warfare to our children unknown to them.

4. Child abuse:

When we talk about child abuse, many always think it’s physical. Neglect is also an abuse, and it is demonstrated in this movie through all the children. Children who are neglected will do everything and anything to seek attention.

5. Bullying:

From the beginning of the movie to the end you get to see how bullying is demonstrated and how a child who is neglected (abused) at home can easily seek attention from the loudest if not popular kids at school. Even when they are not a good example to the outside world. She was seeking attention because her father was getting married to a woman that was not her mother. This pushed her to post her private part online and that was when I realised that this child is traumatised about something.


Obviously I can go on and on because there’s a lot more subliminal messages in the movie, but as an actress, entertainer and lifecoach, I can honestly say that this movie is not about sex or attracting peados.

If anything, it is EXPOSING us, the parents, on how easy it is for our children to fall into the hands of peados when we do not pay them any attention.

The only sexual reference that was in the film was the twerking video she was watching on her phone. After watching those twerking moves, she went and taught her friends the moves she watched. None of the children were thinking in a sexual way. They were doing what they saw or were exposed to. That’s the reason why when one of the children picked a used preservative (Condom), they all tried to wash her mouth out with soap because she blew it as a balloon. She was crying because she did not know it was a preservative (Condom).

Children learn from what they see, and this movie is again a  warning to parents to control what their children watch on TV or from any relatives, etc.

This movie really exposed many spiritual realities that many families hide. You do not have to believe that evil spirits exist. However, like I said before, the same way that evil spirits manifest, God also manifests.

Your unbelief in the spiritual realm and reality will never stop their existence. Only God in your life will stop the existence of evil spirits taking over your children and God is love. Demonstrated by the mother at the end of the film, the little girl was herself again and freed from that spirit of jealousy.

If you ask me, the message of the movie is ‘the love of a mother’. Never underestimate it.

Now, I have one question to ask those who watched it.

Who was that white figurant dressed in luminous white clothing coming out of the father’s new bedroom with his new wife?

Blessing, Peace and Love to you all.

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