***The Sun and The Moon light.***

Niina Nia Kabesa
Mfumu-Andras Jeremiah Kabesa-Kiaku

She rocks my world…


The girl on the picture.

She is more than a body… 😊👌

She can take you to paradise.

A citizen of Zion in disguise as a messed up girl with children from different fathers!

If the father of all liers (satan) can be disguised as an angel of light, do you know how the father of all truth (Elohim) hides?

It should have been obvious but people read not their bible, how than will they know the secrets of heaven?

I always ask God questions and God answers me by putting me in situations which will give me the answers to the questions I have asked!

One day, I asked the following question:

“Why does Lucifer disguise himself as an angel of light?”

God said to me: “I want to show you, but I need to put you in the darkness, (a situation you desire but struggling to get), you will understand better once in there, why the devil disguised himself as light?

12 years after, I died…. on the 5th June 2020… 7 June 2020 came out of coma, before the time doctors expected and my premature boy and I are three months stronger!

But, no one knew, apart from God and I that I was on a mission and if I ended up in the hands of Lucifer once again, he will want to kill me because he does not know the conversation we the children of God have with God.

There is no discernment of spirits with LUCIFER and his angents. That’s why they create issues so you and I, can talk our plan with God and based on what you have spoken, they will use it to manipulate us, and that’s how I distracted the darkside, looking as if I was a mess!

LUCIFER disguised himself as an angel of light because he knew and knows that those God chooses, comes from the dark. So he likes to confuse those in the dark by appearing as an angel of light, coming to help you or rescue you.

The difference with his light is that it’s the lesser light. It seems like they are helping you but you are still in darkness in some.

Everything you do is not in line with God word, yet they are helping you! LUCIFER never help without wanting something in return!

One of the sign that LUCIFER is the one operating by your side is, your darkness gets darker. Meaning, your problems do not get resolve, they get worse and we know that the blessing of the Lord brings no sorrow.

LUCIFER is like the moon light, it gives light in the darkness but the darkness never turns into day. So you still need extra guidance in the darkness because the moon light is not showing the way clear enough. They are helping you, but you are still in the problem.

Just like the moon gets it’s light from the greater light, the sun, that is also how LUCIFER gets permission from God to tempt the children of God.

However, LUCIFER has no power nor has God given him permission to kill His children, destroy Hos creation and steal His childrend destiny.

It is the lack of knowledge of who God is that causes the children of God to go through:

– Sicknesses when there is divine health;

– Poverty when our new regenerated spirit is rich and

– Death when the spirit which raised up Lazarus lives inside us.

The sun, what many know not, gives light to the moon, but the moon can never stop day break from happening. 😊

There are people in our lives that comes as the moon light. Always there for you, doing everything for you, but that sickness can not be healed or that situation can not be fully recovered and you are more in debts etc. You can stay there 20 years and nothing good will come out of there because God is not there!

But there are some people, the moment they enter your life even the demons in your life brings gifts to them.

Everything you struggled to do, you find that you can do it easily because you can see clear because they are like the Sun light. They are your day break!

So, my friend, now you know why God called light out from darkness.

God like to seperate things to be what they are made to be but never divides them.

That’s why I call evil people, evil people because that’s what they demonstrate to be, evil.

Whether they are conscience or not, and I will remove myself from them. While praying for them but never preying on them!

I wrote this because a woman got killed by her husband and I was a victim of an abusive relationship. Which could have resulted to me dying also but I didn’t.

I want to let a woman know this;


If you are not happy, seek help and seperate from the man but do not divorce if you’re married.

There is no rule on how a marriage needs to be conducted for it to work. Sometimes taking time apart from eachother is the right things to do.

When trouble is in your home, it is the lesser light (the moon, LUCIFER) that is in operation. If you do not seek the greater light (the sun, ELOHIM), your situation will never reach day break.




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