***Being in Coma***

Sometimes, being in a coma is a good thing if you are coming back.

However, no one knows that they are in a coma until they are back from it and discover that they went away for days

The coming back is something else. I honestly did not expect to be how I am at the moment.

I originally never was the outing type of person, but I feel the need to be away from people and stay in God presence all the time.

I feel different, I keep seeing the same things I saw when I came back from the coma and that’s a constant reminder that I did not come back to carry on living the same.


I came back to start living all over again. Some form of re-birth. I have been connecting with different new faces and I like it.

When I look at the old folks, the ones the other body knew, I can not see myself talking or thinking how they still do. I feel out of place when I watch them from a distance.

I do not know why people are so filled with ‘wanting to change people’s mentality.’ As suppose to just living their own life!

We are here to exist and be all that we fully can and to appreciate all around us.

It is not enough to be anything in this world, if you are not going to appreciate anything in this world.

I’m loving myself with a little ‘Extra’ since I have been back from the coma because that’s what I am suppose to do.

It is not my problem how you choose to live your life, as long as you are happy and responsible for all you do, I will not judge you.

However if you are constantly complaining about the life you are living, I might pray you off me for a while until you find yourself.

I stopped all together, advising people to change their life if they are not happy.

I realised, it is not their lives or situations that needs to change. It is their perspectives that needs changing.

I found myself and I am happy with what myself does with myself.

I learned to get on with it and never complain because I am the author of my new life.

Everything one day always comes to and end.

Everyone has the same ’24 hours’ in a day, the same ‘365 days’ in a year.

Why then must you be jealous towards another person who makes sure, they are truly enjoying every single moment of those moments?

No one gets special hours or days or extras.

God gives us all the same days and times. Make sure you are making good use of yours with only the people who matters.

God is real and in Him I found myself and because of Him, I beat the coma and came back so that those who hear my Testimony, will know that God is still in the business of doing miracle.


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