***Harder than the rest***

In a world that’s so against women being all that I am, I have to work extra harder to prove myself compare to other women because I am a black woman.

I am educated, talented, experienced in my field yet another female will always be preferred first because of political reason and this is why I decided to be self employed and independent in my entertainment career.

I am too pro black for the white world because I am a free spirit and speak my truth and I am out spoken about it.

To the black world, I’m too white because I talk openly about things they will rather hide and never change it.

To me, I am just a girl who refuse to live in lies and chose to live in truth.🤷‍♀️

Love me or hate me, I’m on my way to the top with God. Matter of fact God went ahead of me already.

God made a public show about death not being able to conquer me when it is in the hands of any humans being or sickness or trickery of the spiritual realm.

So, I will rock my blackness with joy.

I will rock my openness and transparency with understanding.

I will rock my speeches with humility and Love always.

I can not change the colour of my skin for anyone. I am happy in my being!

The reason why many are uncomfortable with my openness is because they have never delved inside themselves to find themselves.

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