***Freedom without Responsibility***

What if I told you that we can only give to the world what we carry inside of us.

What if I tell people of DRC Congo that the reason why you keep electing the same type of president is because you actually are a people that function better when you are told what to do.

You are a people who sees Freedom as an opportunity to do all the things you were never able to do.

With that mindset, why in the heaven do you think, a leader who think like this will be responsible for their actions in regards to the resources and finances of the Nation?

You will look at people like myself and judge quick because of the fact that I have children by different men and I stand for no bullshit.

The fact that I stand for no bullshit, makes me not a woman as I keep hearing it: “A woman is not like that!”

Yet those male came from a woman and were educated more by the woman. Was she not disciplined? Did she stand for bullshit?

The challenge with Congolese community is that you want freedom but do not want to be responsible for your actions.

And these are the individuals you keep electing, year in and year out. People who think in their trousers and deny all responsibilities after that.

Well let me now tell you a little bit of why I have a strong character.

You see I am free, but I quickly understood that my freedom comes with responsibility. Being free does not mean, I should not care how I treat people because I am free. No!

Freedom and responsibility always go hand in hand, so if you want to become free, take responsibility and stop blaming others for the choices you made yourself and stop blaming your government.

Your government does not tell you to do the things you do neither do other people.

You want to complain that children are being rape, yet you do not have a solid justice in place to register all the peado and they can move from one town freely and do it again.

Freedom without responsibility.

My Congolese people, are you sure you want change in that country?

If you do, here is the best advice I want to give you.

BECOME THAT CHANGE RIGHT NOW IN YOUR LIFE! Many of you here in the diaspora are behaving worse than those back in the country. Do you know why?

Freedom without responsibility. That’s why!


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