***It started with Me***

It is better to fall,
get up,
go back to God
and pray
for the person
who fell
with you for God merci too.

It is better to walk away from that lifestyle than to kill your destiny by staying in that sinful situation which caused you to fall in the first place.

Now, I know that God is able to turn a sinful situatuon into a testimony for His glory.

I chose to turn away from that sinful lifestyle and trusted in God for the healing and restoration process.

You see,
I gracefully fell,
brokenly stood up
and spiritually given God strength to carry on to my destiny.

Keeping my head held up high and I was not going to say:

-They without sin cast the first stone. NO, that’s what religion teaches you.


– I’m only human, nobody is perfect. NO, because my perfection comes from what Christ Did and not what I did.

But this I will say:

Lord I thank you for putting me in a situation I was never prepared for but somehow READY for.

Now that I’m in my shouting season after having walked around the Jericho wall and it has fallen.

I thank you in advanced for the taking over. For I know we fight not against flesh and blood but with higher powers in the spiritual places and now that you have made a public show of how weak their powers are.

I can not wait for this final goodbye starting today.

It all starts with me. WOMAN!

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