***The heart of a black man***

In life, many run away from the type of people who have hurt them. But I was born with a different purpose and my purpose is to liberate black men for mother Africa!

“There is no understanding a black man before understanding a black woman”!

The slave masters understood black women before, reason why they raped us.

Reason why the mosted hated, raped and abused woman in the whole of creation is US, ‘the black women’.

Especially from our own Kings.

But no one ever ask why because nobody knew that it all starts with a black woman.

The woman that stood with God when the man slept.

The woman that gave birth to you.

Do you know when she cries from her heart even the weather changes?

So what happens between giving birth to our black boys to them becoming the black woman abusers?

Writing this post is already bringing tears in my heart.

Tears of joy but at the same time of sorrow because many are on the way to their death and do not know this truth.

If I did die, the darkside would have been so happy but you see, the darkside can only operate on what I give them and I’m a good actress at that.

They do not know anything that’s in your heart or what God told you.

After 7 attempts with black men, it took me diying for a day and a bit, just to meet with the creator of black race.

The body was the one that died but my spirit remained how it has always been ‘ALIVE in Elohim’.

Adam ( the original black man) represented a physical temple where the spirit of God will live in.

God than breathed in that temple His spirit and the temple became alive.

It lived for a long time and God saw that it was time to bring in a helper.

So God caused darkness to fall on the temple and the black man was in deep sleep. (Like many are today)!

God removed His life inside a black man and used it to created Eve (black woman)!

Why was Eve not asleep? Because God sleeps not!

Ever since God breathe in Adam, there was no record saying he slept deep. The only account of Adam falling asleep was when God was ready to bring to him his ‘Goddess’.

The one that will restore him back to his creator.

Many black men, when life gets really dark, that’s when they give up.

Instead of standing still and know that, the reason why you are seeing the darkness is because God is preparing your Eve.

The helper suitable for you alone.

Why do I always use the bible as an illustration?

I began to research the black presence in the Bible for a while.

As a person of color, I grew up with my grandfather reading the bible to me and I started to hunger for a faith that is grounded in spiritual truth and not traditional ways.

This book is just my truth in search of the spiritual TRUTH about my race.

The race of God.

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