Infatuations that’s disguised as True Love!

They can put your pictures all over social media and claim they truly love you but after many years, your life does not get better, instead it gets worse. Yet we know true love causes us to change.

Your life is actually getting worse because in the beginning of your meeting, both parties knew it was never love, it was what I call ‘infatuation’ hidden has love!

Infatuation is an intense but short-lived passion or admiration for someone. They were amazed that you said yes but were not really planning beyond you saying yes.😊

This is the funny part, they only wanted you but could not see beyound having you.

Once you’re theirs, because they had no plan, they will be doing trial and error on you.

They will try everything, to see if you two will work out and each time you trie, be it having a child, or getting married, buying a car, a house etc, it gets worse, why? Because, your foundation was never love, it was infatuation hidden as love.

You will not progress with someone who doesn’t see you pass the bedroom light. 🤷‍♀️

I heard it once being said, whatever attracted you to the person, once you’re not getting it or seeing it, you lose interest.

That’s why I advice my clients to learn to communicate with eye contact. The eye contact removes the need for the eyes to start wondering and causes you to truly pay attention and engage in the conversation. 😊

“Love is not Sex”
I say this over and over because infatuation is actually just about sexual fantasies etc.

To know what you’re getting yourself into, learn to listen to the conversation you have with someone in the beginning.

If it’s all sexual, that’s all it will be. But when it’s about advice, life etc. Look deeper and understand what’s going on.

We all have a way we want love to happen to us but, sometime, our soul mate walk right into our lives, when we are unguarded. 😊

You were not ready, not prepared for it and now you’re questioning yourself, is it real? could it be?

I always tell people, when you remove fear and follow your heart, 99% of the time, you end up living not your dream love story but God’s love story for you. 😊

It’s never to late and you’re never too old to give love another trie.

This month of July 2020 is the month of believing in my home!

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