How do I do it?

How do I do it?

How do I raise, confidence, polite and calm in spirit children?

I can only show you what I do!

I give 100 percent to them when it’s their moment.

Every 4 hours, I’m waking up to care for this dude.

When he sleeps, I sleep, so I do not feel stress in loving him.

We do not start loving them when older, we start when in the womb and when babies to 18 years.

When older, they have full confidence because a mother’s love, is the most powerful tool that communicates to the baby:

I am always with you.

When they struggle to pass bowel, and cry, your kisses on the forehead is the assurance that they are ok.

You can be around them and not be 100%. That’s communicating to them:

I’m not important.

It’s the mothers love, that put a spring in their walks.

If all mothers took time to love their children right, they will not go out to look for love on the street.😔

Why did you have a child?
Love your child.
Even as they sleep, be next to them. Your natural body smell is also security for them.

I am a mother by nature. It’s one of my gift.

We possed for this shot, him and I. 😊

I’m training him to be camera friendly, like the rest of them.

This one is something else. I can’t wait to see his potential develope…

Every day, we also have 5 minute conversation. It helps their brain development.

I’m in love the 6th time 😂😂😂

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