***Inside Battles***

You will lose followers and fake friends because you are talking about a matter that has been dormant for centuries.


I rather lose people than see another life killed, be it black or white.

Remember, having the knowledge is not enough. It is the application of the knowledge we have that will save humanity as a whole but we must first start by staying with our own kind.

Before we can question other races ‘why they are attacking us?’, we need to first of all ask ourselves honestly ‘why are we attacking ourselves?’.

Black men treat white women with care because they hardly hear or see on the news that white men treat white women bad.

Do they?

Let’s be honest!!!

How many times, have you opened the news, there’s a black man disrespecting a black woman saying:

‘black women are evil and brutal etc.’

Like I keep saying through out my post, I am called to help black people to understand that their bad actions towards their own kind is a ‘CONSENT’ in a way to other races to treat us bad.

People will only do to us, what they see us do to ourselves! 😔💔

Can we as a race start first by taking ownership pleaseeeee, on how we have brought this to ourselves!!!

Could we, ‘black people’ live with eachother as if we were children of the same mother?

Could we, ‘black people’ care about ourselves first?

I am ready to confront my own kind in this moment because I have been a victim of black on black hate to the extent of death.

That’s why I can not see white first, I see us ‘the black’ first. It’s time to stop running away from the issues we have in our homes and stop blaming outsiders first.

There’s two battle all race faces. The battle within their race and the battle outside their race.

For some reason we, the black people seems to be the only race that run away from our responsibility of our inner battles and quick to attack the outter battle.

The moment we win our inner battles, trust me, we will no longer have the outter battle to react too!

Do you know why many of us react to how others treat us? Because of our conscience. It shows us what we do in secret to destroy our own kind.

Now is the time to face our inner battles so that we will no longer have outter battles.

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