***Prevention is better than Cure***

Looking at the image, let me go deeper: “One world two Spiritual Realm.” It’s good vs evil.

Notice we the blacks are attacking the system not “white people”? But the white are attacking black people’s life.

Do you know why?

Black people are God race. We were never created by God to start mating with other races.

The ligion which was cast out the mad man in chains in the bible went into the pigs.

What colour do pigs have?

Today we have Re-ligion keeping people in Invisible chains, refusing for you to know God for yourself.


Satan appear as an angel of light yet God saw darkness in his heart and removed him from His presence.


God who’s spirit was hovering over water call light to come out from the darkness that was in the deep.

What business was God doing in the dark?

Maybe when the white men were rapping black women, they felt a different power, and knew that if they kept black men near black women, they will keep getting stronger so they said a black woman is evil and white woman is angel, took black men from their lands away from their wives and brought them to their land and gave them their daughters to mate with them and debase their spirit so they can be controlled.

For everytime we mate with a race outside of us, we lose a part of us because we are like the lion race.

Even though Lions are also known to be part of cats family, they do not mate with cheetahs do they?

Do you think lion will still be King of the jungle if it did that?

Truth is we gave away our spiritual powers, that’s why, mentally, spiritually many are not strong any more.

The whiye killed the spirit of many black people and now they can kill their body too.

Time to wake up and understand, the importance of sticking with your own kind.

If like me, you stayed on your own lane, it would have limited all this need to be better than. The need to be superior started when one black and one white mated together.

Two different forces that was to walk in agreement with eachother, without competition, broke the rule.

Sex as been a weapon for not just physical war but spiritual war too.

That’s why some people like me run away from people who have mated other races.

Prevention is better than cure! We are trying to cure what we could have prevented and still can prevent now! Your choice!

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