***Racism!!! A Spiritual Stronghold.***

“Stop mating with other races to stop racism” says Niina Kabesa, a mother of 6 children from 6 black men!

White people will always be seen as more angelic than black people to those who have been programmed to think like that.

White people killing black people is acceptable. Black people distroying white people buildings is barbaric, brutality. Is it not obvious that we are attacking the system and not the people’s lives?

Remember white people came to us, raped black women in front of black men. Labelled black women as evil because of the spiritual strength they felt as they penetrated her. Reason why they took the black men to their lands, to introduce their white daughters to him and made the black man feel that he was the nicest and chosen one out of the rest of the other black men.

Little did the black man knew, he was in their lands and was already spiritually weak. Laying with their daughters was to debase his spirit so they could start controlling him, causing him to betray his own kind.

White people will always stand up for their own kind and no matter how many children you have with them, they will always put their own kind before another kind and I respect them for that. They know never to mate and breed with other races, but they only mate to control. Notice it’s mainly black men who mate and breed more with white women, than the white men with black women? Ever wondered why?

Me talking like this will cause me to lose many white friends because it sounds like I’m being too extreme. Many will say not all white people are like that and those will be the people who have sold their royalty and mated with other races.

The truth is what I stand for and let me start with this truth.

Before we blame white people for the killing of black people, here is something to consider:

I was gang rapped by black men when I was younger.

Physically and Spiritually abused by black men, some even publically call a white woman an angel and me, a black woman, evil! All because I refused to be mated with their lies.

Some black men will leave their black women to raise their black child alone, while he goes and plays ‘happy families’ with the white woman and her children. Because he has seen white men abuse black women, he believes it’s the right thing to do because we are stronger, and we’ll be ok. (Smile)

These men will sit down with white women and tell them that their black kids are better with them (white women) and not their (black) mothers. Forgetting that his mother is black.

When he did wrong, that mother told him off! Did he change mothers and decide to be with a white mother or did he still love his mother?

Why then do you treat your own kind like this in front of a white woman? Do you not see how you are part of the problem in the killing of our black girls and boys?

We are so quick to blame white people (not saying they are right), but do you know that our own black people sell lies to the whites about their own people just so they could be taken care of or given money, a car or have their rent paid for by the white people.

You sell your own black kids, turn them against their mothers to the white woman you think loves you, yet you would never have changed your mother for a white mother.

There would never be racism if we understood that God never created us to take dominion of any human race but to take dominion of the place God created us to be in.

Your own kind is better than a kind you know not. Each time you lay down with another race, part of yourself dies and that’s when the need of being superior kicks in.

I have been wronged many time by my own (black) race, and I refuse to try any other race because God created me black and not as any other race. Therefore my power is preserved with my own kind.

Imagine the family of cats in the jungle mixing with other cats. Imagine a Lion mixing with a Leopard, what would that child be? A lion or a leopard?

There is no such thing as having the best of both worlds. We are either hot or cold, not in-between. God is not in the in-between. God asked us, and told us, to either be hot or cold for Him, but never in-between. A saying my grandparents taught me before I read it in the bible.

Did you know that not all black ancestors were slaves? Some were Royals. If, like me, you come from royal descendants, you will never mix.

A Lion mixing with a Leopard will cause the Lion to no longer be seen as the King of the jungle. He would have given up his secrets like Samson did to Delilah, and he got killed.

Many black men have given away their royal crown, and now the consequence is that the race you chose and choose to mate with are killing your race – notice how it is now the black women you destroyed who are fighting for the children you have abandoned for the other race!

When will you start respecting and treating your own kind better, black man?

Are you not ashamed to even talk against white killing when you are mating and having children with their daughters? So before you attack white people for killing people you have sold to them (and called evil), ask yourself this question:

What part did you play in all this white killing black matter? Are you not the traitor who lied on your own race?

Here is a truth for you, handle it!

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