Dreams have one purpose, to communicate to the visible informations from the invisible.

The translation of dreams is dependent on where a person is spiritually standing but above all it is dependent on a person’s heart.

Dreams have one language, but the understanding of it depends on the person understanding of the spiritual reality. The term spiritual maturity is more then just a cliche.

A person with a bad heart can arrive to the maturity of the spirituality and use it to hurt people and control people.

It does not mean that the spiritual activities they are doing is evil. No. The person is evil, nothing to do with the spiritual activities.

Satan was amongst all the angels, but he was very bad in his heart and that’s why God removed him. What he does, does not mean all Angel’s are bad like him.

The motives of our hearts, are what makes the differences between the good hearted mature in spirit and the bad hearted mature in spirit.

That’s why it is important to let God in you interpret your dreams and never be so quick to trust a person just because they appear to be God lover. They heart may be wrong towards you.

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