***Choices, not Cheat***

People do not cheat, they make choices…

I will be explaining why I walk away from people who made different choices after they have made the first choice. 😊

Knowledge is power and many people get hurt, trying to force themselves back with the person at that time instead of walking away and leave them enjoy, gloat and have the hype that comes with “doing what I like.”

Even if you know its a wrong choice, give them the opportunity to discover it for themselves that they made a wrong choice.

God created us to take dominion of the world not people. That’s why I say people do not cheat, they just make choices and if you are not mature in the spirit, you will fight to want to keep them.

If they want to go, let them go, if God had anything to do with it, trust me when I tell you that God is the best person to show them the wrong they have done.

It is not you giving up on them but it is you giving them up to God.

All the fathers of my children, made other choices after I got pregnant with their child.

I gave them up to God and always waited for God to release me to move on because I entered there with God and I will not leave there (in the spirit) until God releases me.

People worship an idea of God and not the actual God. God is a spirit, He is not in anything done physical.

Open your eyes and see.

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