***You are Love not Your Love***

It cost nothing to love a person.

People who love themselves, find it easier to love others.

That’s not a fact, that’s a truth.

True love is never needy, nor does it break or hurt. If it’s hurting it’s not Love.

It’s Lust.

Nothing good comes out of Lust. No matter how much effort you put in it.

When it comes to love, it gives life and many good things comes out of Love because true love is first of all YOU!

Are you needy?

Are you the type of person who does not enjoy their own company?

Are you the type who feel like if you are not with anyone, you are not ok?

If this is you, let me ask you this:

How in the heaven are you expecting another person to be ok with being around you, when you, yourself is not ok when by yourself?

The energy we project to ourselves, is the same energy we’ll give to anyone around us.

A depressed person has nothing but depression to give to anyone near them, Unless God sent you in their life and you inject them with your energy, if you are not filled with God in you and not careful enough, you will become like them.

Such depressed people have no right to say that a person does not love them because that person did not act a particular way to them, when they never acted that way to themselves.

(ARE YOU FEELING ME? I am going somewhere!)

Only people who have loved themselves should know when a person does not love them because they will treat you opposite to how you treat yourself.

So, in this quarantine, it really is an opportunity to get acquainted with yourself.

Check out my blog about ‘Will you marry Yourself’ and look out for more.

I will never know anything until God calls me back home. Until then, I learn as I live my life.

Do you break yourself with your own words?

Do you always confess negativity about yourself?

Do you always think people don’t like you, but never see the abuse hou do to people left right and center?

How will you know what true love is, if you have never built yourself or spoken positively about yourself???

Never judge a person when things go wrong, but judge the circumstances and understand where the person is standing at that point.

When you are always abusive to yourself, you will find an abusive relationship the right one for you because you abuse yourself anyways and having someone abuse you, to you it will read as love.

The standard you place on your life, is the only standard you will live up to. There is nothing anyone can say or do that will cause you to live above that standard you set up yourself.

If you believe, you are not worth a particular lifestyle because you grow up in the street etc, then understand you will only live upto that life you choose.

Many people live life based on other people’s thoughts about them.

The fact that a group of people think you’re the best, is not going to help you grow if they never tell you off or correct you when you’re wrong! There needs to be a balance.

Not all compliment are actually true and good.

Not all rebukes are bad or wrong.

Some compliments will distroy you and waste your life while other rebukes will discipline you and guide your life.

There needs to be a balance in our life in regards to the circle of the people we have around us. Don’t keep hanging out with people who are always the ‘YES’ people. Even when you’re wrong, it’s still ‘YES’.

Such people will distroy your destiny faster than any killer virus could.

Be with people that sees you as love and not has someone who has to give them your love for them to feel loved by you.

You are Love, love yourself!

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