***Pandemic or Pregnant***

Laying here in my bed,
Wondering to myself, Could this really be happening before our very eyes and many are missing it?

She’s called mother nature and I always wondered why?

How did she get that mother title?

I mean, what has she birthed without the assistance of God or human?

What if we are experiencing mother nature being pregnant?

What if she is about to birth a new nature?

Have you noticed how pollution in the air is light and clear?

Have you notice how nature has been changing and growing without us around it?

Only a pregnant woman goes through mood swings from her hormone changes.

When she is at her delivery peak, you better co-operate with her, because she goes through million pain, just to birth a new life.

After that, she never goes back to be the same. Her life, takes up another perspective and direction.

She makes sure the new life, will be cared for appropriately until that life reaches their purposes.

What if, this ‘Pandemic’ is actually Mother Earth being ‘Pregnant’?

She is about to birth a new earth, while we are all in our homes.

Didn’t God place Adam a side, while He tilted the ground for him?

What if, that is what is happening before our very eyes.

What if the New EART-H is your H-EART?

You only had to put ‘H-im’ in front of ‘E-ternity’ to have a ‘H-EART’!

What if, this Pandemic is birthing a New You?

For it to be a birth, there ought to a pregnant someone.

What have you been pregnant for all this while?

You are about to birth it in your EART-H (H-EART)!

You choose how you see it, Pandemic or Pregnant!!!


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