Do you Believe in Yourself?

Thanking God for the transition of Nia-V to Niina Kabesa. 

A Re-Brand with a determination of taking over every place I step in.

I refuse to be a counterfeit, therefore expect an authenticity knowledge of my work. (No cheating to make cash)

I invested in my knowledge and paid for it too through reading books, privately paying for my home courses. (No student loan)! I know my worth.

I will leave you all tonight with this:

Do you believe in yourself?

1. Decide to walk alone for awhile to get acquainted to the real you. 

2. Stop cheating on yourself with people who are not adding value to your journey. 

3. You were born alone and you will die alone. 

4. Your greatest achievement should not be having children or spouse. Nor a car or houses. Nor graduated or doctorate. Your greatest achievement in your life journey is to have accomplished all the things you were purposed to accomplish.


Why did God allowed you to be here on this earth plane?

If God’s ways are different to the world’s way, than I do not believe you are here to just be someone spouse, parent, child, sibling and friend because the people who do not believe in God are those very things too.🤷‍♀️

Do you know your God Purpose????

I know my God purpose, and I am walking towards it…

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