***Will you Marry Yourself?***

Do you know yourself?
All the wrong you do, and you think no one knows. If someone did it to you, will you be ok with it.?

Are you financially educated?
Do you spend everything you have or do you put some aside for rainy days? Are you an emotional spender?

Do you respect yourself?
Do you live a disciplined life or do you live a ‘I don’t care’ type of life?

These are just fewer questions I ask, to trigger us all to think.

We are living in a time where people want so much from others that they can not do for themselves.

That’s why I ask us all today,
‘will you marry yourself?’
The you that no one knows!

We are not what people see.
We are what we do when people do not see.

What controls our lives, is not what we let everyone else to see rather what we secretly do and feel is what really control our lives.

So, again I ask.
‘Will you marry yourself?’

What ever answer you give should determine what needs to be done in your life and what you should and shouldn’t expect anyone in your life to do for you.
No one should do for you what you can not do for yourself.

I can marry myself that’s why I never stay in any relationship where my values are not appreciated.

I am a full package and I am a complete individual who is not in need of anyone to complete me but to complement me.

I am financially educated, I am loyal, I am faithful to my children and I life plan. I respect and I love myself and because I can do all of these to myself, it will be easier to do it to another.

I will not be entering marriage expecting someone to help me, NO.

I will be entering marriage with all the rightful tools to build a Happy married life. I will not enter it just for the wedding reception, then live a miserable life after that because I wanted the other person to do for me what I could not do for myself. 

It is very important for a person to master themselves, better themselves and love themselves.

It is also important to know where you are going on this life journey, so that when life circumstances throws you off course, you will always come back on course because there is an ending to your life journey.

Use this moment of Quarantine to find your true self and when the moment comes to finally come out, you will follow your dreams and be back on course again.

Until you realise that you are enough, you will always be chasing people to see that you are enough in their life.

Marriage is about exchanging unbroken vows. Unfortunately, many have entered it with all the wrong intentions and came out of it.

It is so important to be with a male or female who is bringing you more than just their body, money, home, children in the marriage.

You need someone who is going to always communicate to your mind and direct you in the rightful path of your life journey.

How can you know that person, when you yourself can not guide yourself in your life journey?

Needy people always latch on other needy people. But the reality is, we were never suppose to get together lacking anything in the first place. We were suppose to get together, fully completed individuals and then compliment eachother with our completeness.

Therefore, do not approach a complete person, when you know that you are not yet complete. So, with all this being said, I ask again:


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1 thought on “***Will you Marry Yourself?***

  1. Yes if I was a woman looking to live a clean life I would marry myself. This is a very thoughtful question that many people should see.

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