This is the moment for:
It is essential that you engage in retreats alot of time. Just imagine all this while you have been around people and have picked up habbits and ways whoch may not be God’s plan for you. Right now, you have the opportunity to strip your self from all that you once knew and enter into retreats.

Retreats are moments set apart to meet with God for the purpose of fellowship, renewal of strength, inspiration, purging and cleansing. If you never done it before, now is the moment for our human weakness to be laid bare before God in exchange for His strength.


  1. Be alone with GOD: – This is something you may have never done and some have done it, just not enough. I know many will say, do not be alone, be with people, keep busy but I am a huge believer in walking alone with God and this is the opportunity for that person that always worked and said: “I do not have time”, now God has provided some time.
  2. Give God at least two or three days in a week:- If you are not able to give the whole 7 days or 21 days to God in a row, you can take 2 or 3 days in a week and those days become His. Engage with Him through His word.
  3. Be sincere before God:- This is no longer the moment to hide ypur truself. With all honesty, nothing is hidden before God and I often wonder why do people still feel the need to lie.


  1. Thanksgiving:- surely God has done so many things in your life to be greatful and thankful for and right now, you are reading this post. This means you are alive. That in itself, for me, is something to be thankful for.
  2. Review your Life progress:

-SPIRITUAL LIFE: this is measured by your understanding and insightful knowledge of who God is and what is His original plan for the whole world before the fall of Adam and Eve!!!

-YOUR MENTAL LIFE: this is measured by how much good or bad thoughts, ideas from other people you have allowed to over take God’s idea for you.

-YOUR LIFE WELLBEING : This is measured by the one physical element you have. Your body. You need to understand, God needs your body to function in this realm and have you been taking care of it?

-YOUR LIFE MISSION: This is measured by how the progress which has been made in your life. Do you let challenges break you, or do you see challenges as a means to build yourself?

-YOUR LIFE RELATIONSHIPS: This is measure by the type of individuals increasing in your life. Are these people worse off or well off since they have known you for five or more years? Whatever it is, will determine your level of wisdom and productivity.

-YOUR LIFE FINANCES: Financial pursuit is not and should not be a lifetime pursuit. If you find yourself always working for money as suppose to money working for you, you must analyse how much of the financial principles you’ve followed through in your entire life, VERSUS the results you have achieved. Givers, never pursuit fiance, finace pursuit them.

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