God is a spirit, nothing to do with the building you call church but everything to do with your body which He (God) calls His Temple!

Not going to church (The building) is not an issue to GOD. DOING wrong with YOUR body(God temple) is what He’s concern ABOUT!

God is a SPIRIT nothing to do with religion dogma, teaching etc. YOU CAN NOT STUDY WHAT YOU DO NOT SEE. When will many understand this?

We have more Pastors who are theologically qualified but Spiritually disqualified by God the SPIRIT Himself!

If truly you want to serve Him, than understand that GOD likes to keep what’s His SEPERATED from the doctrines, created by Humans!

God is a SPIRIT. You do not study Him, because He reveals Himself to those He choose too.

NOW IS the time, To stand UP FOR the right GOSPEL of JESUS CHRIST WHICH was about a relationship with GOD.

If you have seen me, just KNOW you have also seen and been visited by GOD.

Happy Sunday 🙏

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