***’YOU’ & ‘I’ AM POWERFUL***


Hi, my name is ‘YOU’ and ‘I’ AM Powerful!

When ‘YOU’ set your mind on having.

‘I’ already have it.

Whatever ‘YOU’ decide to be.

‘I’ already is.

The evidence is all around ‘YOU’.

The power of ‘YOU’ and ‘I’ has brought ‘YOU’ precisely to where ‘I’ AM right NOW.

‘I’ have made the choices and ‘YOU’ have held the thoughts.

‘I’ have taken the actions to create ‘YOU’ current reality and ‘YOU’ have the power to change it into whatever ‘I’ want it to be.

With the choices ‘I’ make, ‘YOU’ is constantly fulfilling the vision ‘I’ have for ‘YOU’ life.

If that does not seem to be the case –

Then ‘I’ am deceiving ‘YOU’ about what ‘I’ really have.

Because what ‘I’ really, truly have, ‘YOU’ will get!

What ‘I’ truly had in the past, ‘YOU’ already have.

If ‘I’ want to build a billion-dollar business, ‘YOU’ will take the actions necessary to do it.

If ‘I’ want to sit comfortably watching TV, night after night –

‘YOU’ will take the actions necessary for that.

Don’t be disappointed in ‘YOU’ results.

They are the outward manifestation of ‘I’ priorities.

‘YOU’ will be sure of what ‘I’ truly want, because ‘YOU’ is sure to get it!

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