From a mother to mothers… Happy Mother’s day 💋

You are divinely formed into a woman womb.

Your life from that moment will never be the same.

Whether life comes through full terms or not, You have been marked for life with a mother’s Wound.

Your physical bodies never remains the same, While your emotions are on the motion, today you’re cold and tomorrow you are hot.

Welcome to motherhood, they say: “The best thing to happen to a woman is motherhood.” No, it is not the best thing that happens to a woman.

It is the greatest thing that happens to your spirit.

Being a mother is more to do with being spiritually able to birth a spirt from the spirit world.

Being a Mother requires you to be spiritually filled all the time not just sometimes.

Being a mother is being able to connect with the children creator, so you know when to let them go to do the creator’s work.

Being a Mother is the greatest, but not for a life time because they were not yours to start with, they were God’s.

So, focus on them when they are young, show them their creator’s ways more than your traditions or worse your ways that does not reflect the creator.

Their creator starts telling a woman what the child is going to be like when she is pregnant.

You are a mother when your work speaks in the gate. Children have nothing to do with men but everything to do with God.

From today,

Know and understand that these virtues were given to you:

1. LOVE – When you accepted to bring forth the child.

2. JOY – When you delivered them.

3. PEACE – When you brought them home.

4. PATIENCE – When you are watching them developing gracefully.

5. KINDNESS – When you smile at them, when they have misbehaved.

6. GOODNESS – When you put food on their table and clothe them when they wronged or insulted you.

7. FAITHFULNESS – When you are always there for them, in all they do. good or bad.

8. GENTLENESS – When you smile at them instead of shouting..

9. SELF CONTROL – When you stop yourself from guiding them outside of their creator.

There is no (physical or spiritual)laws against these kinds of virtues.

Happy Mother’s day. 💋

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