***Finding a husband is hard***

I heard it be said that finding a husband is hard  because:

1. If you get an handsome one, the brain is empty.
2. You find a brilliant one, he looks too serious.
3. You find a rich one, he is disrespectful.  4. You find a hard working one, he never has time for you.
5. You find a serious one, his EX keeps calling him.
6. You find a humble one, he is broke.
7. You finda responsible one, he is not romantic.
8. You find an educated one, he feels he is always right.
9. You find an illiterate one, he always gets angry whenever you correcthim.
10. You find a smart one, he lies every time.

Of course it will be hard because you are the one finding them instead of them finding you.

It is he who finds a Wife, not she who finds a husband and you who decided to find a wife, stick to her and stop looking elsewhere.

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