​***Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding ***

Lord thank you for Wisdom and Understanding which made it easier and possible for me to do what I do.

Dear friends,
It is very important that in 2017 you take your spiritual life seriously. When I say spiritual life, I don’t mean going churches or praying and fasting only but I mean staying where God placed you.
Did you know that if God place you somewhere, no matter what you do, your breakthrough and blessing will only be given to you when you remain where God placed you. Outside of that, there’s no life, just death.
Many of you for the last 5 years have been walking with some sort of wisdom and knowledge but lack understanding.
Here is what I mean: 
The reason why many still can not figure out how to do something is because they are walking with ‘the wisdom of this world or human wisdom.’ 
These two wisdoms are very popular and are killers of your destiny. When you walk with these two wisdoms  you are 1.consuming your energy (Destroying), 2.wasting your time (stealing) and loosing your life (killing) because you refuse to walk in ‘God wisdom’ (Eternal) only and who comes to steal, kill, and destroy?
Knowing what to do, to get rich does not mean you will get rich. You must first work out ‘HOW’ you will do it and to work out the ‘HOW’, you need Understanding and to get the right Understanding you need God wisdom ONLY. 
If you think I am talking trash, just know all your life you worked for what you want right, but have you got it yet?
I stoped over 8 years ago, working like a headless chicken and started working on my inside and spiritual growth instead and here I am. 
I know when to step out, when not too and I go where I am supposed to go in my season because so many people miss to meet their destiny helpers because they waste to much of their time building a life in wrong places and they miss the people that God sent to help them financially, etc because they are too busy playing with their life. 
Where God bless you, that’s where your provision and destiny helpers will come. Remember if you are where God wants you to be, people will come to you. You don’t need to move to go to soooo many meeting to make money. The rightful meeting will earn you a lifetime blessing than the many meeting you are wasting to go to, just to waste time, to make yourself feel important. 
Many people need to change their mindest on how they view some things in life.
2017 is a new height and when I am in uk, I am in uk. When I am in another country, I am in another country. I will not split my spirit because I am recieving all my blessing where I am.
I am taking charge of my life…

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