***Welcoming and Thanking 2017***

Dear 2017,

Welcome into my home and the lives of my household.

I want to first of all thank you for:

– keeping my household in the purpose of God for our lives.

– keeping my household in divine health.

– increasing my household in every good thing they do.

– bringing to pass every heart desire of every member of my household.

– the completion of all the good things that my household puts in their hands.

– not bringing shame into any member of my household.

– thank you for peace, love, harmony, joy and wealth in my household.

– for giving us a beautiful year as a family.

– thank you for giving us more wisdom and understanding of the divine reality as a family because a family who pray together, live long and are living in paradise here on earth.

2017, you are blessed in your coming into our lives and in your going out also…

Do not fear the challenges you may face 2017, know that we will be there for you and with you, carrying you along all the way to the end.

You are here for a very big restoration, clean up and healing of the whole world, and my household and I got your back.

We will pray you up and make sure that 2016 does not re-appears at any time trying to distract you.

Keep your focus 2017 and because we have welcomed you in our home, just know you have begun well and will end well.

We love you and we as a family can not wait to discover all the goods that you have brought in the whole world.

Love always

The Game Changer’s Household.

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