***My farewell message to 2016***

Dear 2016,

What matter does not come to an End?
What obstacle, challenge and sorrow does not come to an end?

Everything eventually does come to an end? You tried to take my life and my house hold life but as you can see, it is you who came to an end.

My home and I are of the Lord most high, Elohim is His name. I have not been trained by any human being but my training from the moment Elohim drew me to Christ has always been with the spirit that drew me closer to Christ.

What I am telling you is this:


This mean ONLY God could end our life no one else has a say over my home but the spirit of the living God.

So as my home and I enters the next stage of our spiritual path, just thought I remind you that you are great in power however, the one inside us is greater than you in power and we have proved it.

I am POWER over powers and I am  fully conscience that the only real and true life is not this make believe life that I am seeing but the one many do not see, that’s the real life.

You thought you would hold me back when you disturbed my daughter on December 2015. I was about to start the promotional of my two songs with my music management but unknown to you, you did me a favour.

While you thought you were delaying me here is what happened:

– I published my first short story
– I meet amazing new people
– I focused on my home and strengthened  everyone in it.
– I discovered that I am invincible and God resides in me for real.
– I had a baby and she’s got a one year modeling contract.
– My daughter came out of the prison you tried to put her in and wrote a book with my help.

So you see, you though stoping my music career would distroy me but you did not know that I love my God more than what I do and all things have worked for my good because of the love I have for Elohim.

I am now resuming where I stoped by my God’s grace and guess what?

I am not resuming alone, I have increased in number. I have one more arrow added to the other arrows and like it or not, my home and I are going out there to dispense Elohim presences.

In our hiding moment we have fought the strongest strong hold… “Failure” and we as a family have conquered it.

Tell all your busy party cohort that We are a force not to be reckoned with.

Yours Truly,

The game Changer’s Household…

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