***Husbands & Future Husbands***

No woman will ever tell you what I am about to tell you, primarily because there is no real way to say it.

Your woman has spent her entire life being given loving words by the man she values the most, her father. From the moment she started walking, to the moment she walked that stage to receive her diploma, her father was her biggest love. He told her all the time that he loved her, he told her everytime she was beautiful and she can do anything.

Her father passed her on to you, and because you think you have said it once,  she should be a strong woman to motivate herself, you stop telling her. The reality is, there is something that happens in the heart of a woman when the man she loves; values, celebrates, cheers for her and tell her how he loves her like her father use to do.

Most men will read this, and secretly say, “I should not have to keep telling her for her to perform at maximum potential”. I would like to ask those same men a question – Why do you think she responds to the words you say in the bedroom? The more loving words you say to her, the more she will physically work on your body. There is power in your mouth, and in your tone.

Somebody is going to celebrate her, make sure you’re the one. Do you want to miss the opportunity of her being your woman to someone else? Use your loving words to her before it’s too late or worst, before someone else use it on her.

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