​***Who messed up Men?***

I  have heard this question being answered that ‘it’s a woman that messed up a man’. Today many men are walking around like idiots and claiming that a woman messed them up. Well let me help you men today because tomorrow is my born day, I don’t want write.
Men, you will tell your sisters to leave a man that don’t treat them right! While you stay with a woman for over years and when you break up, that’s when you want to tell people this is what she was doing to me xyz.
The truth is if you are in a relationship and you know you treated that woman right but she is still treating you wrong, you will not stay… But here are the reason why you stay:
1. You messed up her life and you stay hoping to fix it so when you leave her, you’ll look like a good man, who did wrong and said sorry and tried to fix it. (This makes you an assassin. Because everything in that relationship is not real no more).
2. You like the idea that she is strong for a woman and you are just wasting her time and your time until you are ready to leave her and you go. You just want to seem loyal to one woman but deep down you know you are not going to be with her for life so when you split up you start telling people it’s because she started behaving like this and like that. ( you are worst than the devil himself and hell is waiting for you)
3. You’re there for an interest only, once what you get is done, you start treating her bad, putting phone down on her, not saying love messages  no more because you dont need her no more but you are willing to hang on until she has enough or cheat on you. Some go as far as not touching her no more. She will ask you what she did and you never have an answer because she did nothing. (You deserve to die alone without love).
Men, do not stay in a relationship where you are not happy, wether you have children or not.
Be a man and love your woman, cherish her and stop behaving like a girl, wanting your woman attention. Listen ask those men that loves their women, they are living a wonderful life. 
The harder  you love your woman, the harder she loves you back and the more she’ll easily submit to you because a girl that was raised in a home where daddy loved her, never rebels on her father. She always listen to the father.
If your woman is not listening to you, maybe you are reminding her of her no good for a man father, maybe you need to change that.
So who messed up Men? 
Men messed up themselves because they are too affraid to admit that sometimes they don’t know what to do next. 
Their ego tells them “you can’t tell your woman you don’t know. She’ll think you’re stupid”. 
It’s sad but true, Men you need to stop hurting yourself. If you tell a woman the truth and she sticks with you, please don’t take her for a fool because there were better men than you, but she loves you, and don’t want you to be in the hand of a woman that will destroy you.
But many men think women that show them love can never leave them… 😄😄
Ask the three baby dadies of mine that thought that, where are they?
Women know what they wants, those that don’t know what they want, have problems.

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