***Count on YOU First***

​I use to believe that when you speak what you want it will come to pass after 30 days affirmation. I realise this only apply when you first know YOU.
Well many will testify it that way but here is the truth.
YOU are a very powerful being and your words are strong if only you hear yourself speak.
The power is in YOU, because you believed in what you are told that in 30 days what you’re saying will come to pass and it did.
What are YOU thinking of?
You want your marriage to be ok again? YOU Believe it and speak it..
You want to be financially stable, YOU believe it and speak it.
What are YOU believing?
You are believing in YOU first!!!!
I am a good person

I do good only

I don’t hate people even if they hate me

I dont do revange on people 

I love always

I dont betray friends

I dont cheat on my man

I respect my children 

I respect other people views

I walk in my lane alone…etc
These are wordsI started telling myself since 2010 in front of a mirror.
What I am confessing is to make me a better individual for the world that’s why it comes to pass. But when you say things like:
I am respected by my colleague 

Everything I say people have to listen

This is more like evil way. 

You want control. 

Remember anyone or thing that wants to control you is making itself your God. 
Focus on YOU. 

Make YOU better for them and they will automatically listen to YOU.

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