***Poem by Raven Muziqfreaq Preston***

​As a poet it always is a pleasure to read other poets work. Today I am sharing with you a poem that caught my heart. 

It is so wow.. Any who read for yourself….

Poem by Raven Muziqfreaq Preston


I lost myself finding you
I turned into someone I never knew
I wish that it was easy
to flee and not remember
But the things of my heart
wants to linger.

I lost myself not just in finding you
I lost me doing what I wanted to do
I lost me trying to love you and
you didn’t love me
so what was next to do

I gave up my dream to see you smile.
You gave up the world
when you came in town.
I saw a future
for what I thought it was but
I lost myself in what
I thought was your love..

Could I forgive me for losing me?
Yes when I snap back to reality
and see that it’s an eye for an eye
and a me for a me.

Thank you for helping me lose me
Cuz that’s what helped me find me.
I lost myself trying to find you
and that’s ok cuz I found myself
when I lost you..

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