***Let me Be Honest***

I know Mr man will real and laugh but don’t get too big headed alright.. we only got eternity to go.. 😄😄

Right!!! Women we are the highest targeted being that the darkside targets. 😂😂 I’m laughing because no matter how much we know it, we still fall victims of the devil’s tricks in our MINDS. 😇

Y’all know me right, I say it how it is.

I am forever grateful for my husband that’s all I will say! He is the true definition of men that knows who and what they want.

From the moment he said: I was his, and became his and I am still his and all I can say is wow THERE IS GOD OOO.😅

But this is the question I asked him few days back:

1. How many times have I wanted out?

2. How many time have you refused to want out?


1. 59 😂😂

2. 78 🤔

I than told him, yo, that don’t add up!! Now… wait for it, it’s what he said after that made my spirit quickened and stood still and ACTUALLY saw him differently.

He said:

You may have wanted to be out less than I refused to be out because there were times you will say things or you’ll do something that would make any man want to walk out but I  refused to walk out….

I could just stop here and make a whole lot of points but I won’t…

But here’s what’s interested, we are told to test every spirit if they are of God but the question is how do we test them?

He knew when he chose to be with me that I’m not an easy one, but I give it to him because he actually passed the spiritual test. Whats do I mean?

He is not alive in his flesh, I’m so grateful I finally married myself, someone whose dead in the things of this world and alive in Christ.

Listen you will never get me and my handsome tell you guys about how marriage is nice, we eat out etc… No ooo! 

There is no short cuts to marriage my friends, it is God’s plan and it will only stand if God is the totality of your union. GOD must be the foundation, the centre, the frint and back etc.

Lo and Behold our YouTube channel coming soon.

Listen we are joing many marriage couples who are showing you guys that marriage can be easy but ut starts with communication.

He ask me questions and I  ask him, although he doesn’t always answer mine…😛🤔

We allow eachother to grow, I do silly stuff at times so does he but in the end of the day, my job is to cover him and his job is to cover me and protect me.

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