***Disconnected to Connect***

Me durring this year….
-Lost my dad, I could not attend funeral. Those that knows him know I was dad’s girl.💔

-Was dealing with a child in mental hospital.💔

-carried another pregnancy alone

-financially in need, there were times I had to stretch Miracle milk. 💔

-One of my boy was sleeping on a chair.💔

-Everything called ‘problem’ was looking at me.💔
This is what I was doing this year:

– helping others

– reaching out to those in need

– Taking prayer request and praying for others.

– continued being me.
We are now in December and I am reflecting on my life and on oneside I put all the bad things that came to desyroy me and on the other side I put all that I did to help people.
People are programme to believe that they need help when they have no money or food or credit on their phone etc.
I AM DISCONNECTED to that TYPE of life style.
-my daughter is sound not in mental hospital no morr.

-my boy sleeps in a bed now 

-every problem is not looking at me no more.

-my finances have resurrected 

-a publushed a book ‘Volition’

-I am investing in myself by advertising my book in magazines, etc

-I lost weight too😍

– I still miss my dad but I am ok.
So you see, I was not too busy doing NOTHING that’s why in the end I have SOMETHINGS.
How was your year like?

What can you learn from my year?
What I learned from myself this year is:
I value people more than I value my problems.

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