***Change is Here***

Life is very simple once you accept your uniqueness. I have come to realised in my days here on earth as a spirit that… 
The moment you identify yourself being a divine entity, you see things differently.  
The first thing you will respect is TIME.
You no longer will have time to be around individuals who waste their life chasing things instead of becoming that which they are chasing…
For the last 8 years of my life, I changed and people around don’t even know the supernatural experiences I been going through because it’s not things heard of before in this earth plan.
If you told me when I was 15 years that these things will be happening to me, I  would not believe it. 
There is a very good reason why I  ask people around me to be honest and transparent. You can not lie to someone with the gift of seeing the truth.
I hardly go out because the moment I step out my house, it’s like watching television with the volume loud. 

I’m earing people’s thoughts etc…
My home is like the only place it shuts down… 
Reason why I dont like talking with my mouth but writing instead because everything that comes out my mouth comes to pass.
That’s why many people think I’m doing nothing.  But I am spiritually resting and learning and putting in practice what I  recieved from God. 
God promotion is not a house, car, baby, work, money, wife or husband or any physical thing…
God promotion and desire is that you become like Him here on earth… This is something many need to understand. 
We spent time doing groups to change the world and it ain’t changing because like I told y’all early this year; YOU are the person to change FIRST.
Until y’all understand YOU ARE GOD, You will keep going around like headless Chickens. Up today down tomorrow. There is a process you must go through to always remain at the top.
I will say something that will disturb many… 
Rise up and become the problem you are trying to solve before you solve it. 
“You can not defend what you have never experienced.”
Many people are defending things out of wrong feelings such as: angry, upset,etc and they go as far as saying it’s a passion…
If the foundation of your passion comes from the negative feelings about that thing you are trying to solve, I am sorry to say but it is a false passion… I call it a passion with interests.
Passion should only be formed by love and you can not love a thing until you have seen it or experienced it’s stings…
Until God experienced the betrayal of the creation He created, He sooo loved them that He sent….. 
Real love comes when you have experience the stings of that which you are trying to solve.
Real Love is not an emotion, it is a force you can not play with. Real Love kills without physical death and it’s more dangerous than hate. Reason why you are told to love your enemies…
From today look at Love as a weapon and deal with every situation that way… 
Also to those that believe there is a God just know that He is a spirit and you can only meet Him by revelation…. 
if you have not personally meet Him, then you will not know your purpose here on earth… But before you meet Him, He sends someone that carries Him to enter your life and change something to let you know that there’s more to life than what you are doing.
It’s up to you to believe and follow God ways or stay in the base line forever. The moment you cross that base line, don’t look back at family members or friends who are behind. 
To many are playing GOD TO PEOPLE THAT GOD IS DEALING WITH. Focus on YOU when you play GOD, God disqualifies you and when that happens, that’s when you see people working hard without God. 
Enlightenment with your purpose is better than trying to be seen important. 
Blessed Wednesday… 
Rereading myself… 

Repositioning myself…
Change has COME!

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