***When your day is Over***

Another poem to You has your day is over….

When all is said and done!
When all the well wishers
Have said their messages.
When the day is over.

The children and I have
364 days left
to celebrate your life.

You are more than just
A birthday message to us.
More than just a nice word
Or good phrase or
good birthday present.

You are the beginning to an End
and an End to a beginning.
You are us and we are you…

Like lotion on your body,
I covered you with my love.
Like the taste of a sweet wine
for you to drink, I let you drink my love.

My love covers you
Inside and out because
When it’s all said and done!
When everyone said
what they wanted to say to you
On your birthday…

I am still here
The author and finisher
Of it all…

In my arms
You are a book written by
their birthday wishes.
I will read you in 364 days
before placing you up again
For one day, to be written
by their birthday wishes for Me…

O what a joy
To be able to love
In the smallest act
of kind word like when they said:
Happy birthday to you!!!

Thank you Everyone that made Moliere day be a good one.

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