***Happy Birthday King***

​A Poem for You on your birthday..
Moliere is your name

Others call you Joseph 

You call yourself  Nzambe Roi…
All these are few things about you.

You have lived life,

You have experience many things too.
You are:

Your mother’s Son

Your siblings Brother 

Your children father
But many people will say:

You are friend

You are a big brother

You are an old friend 
But No one of the above can say 
I am with you for life.
You are the air that I  breath, with every breath I take you in me and breath out my hurt. You brought healing to me!
You are the Sun in my day, because of you, my night finally turned into morning. You brighten up my life!
You are the blood in my vains, with you flowing inside me, I am Alive in you. You are the reason I live.
You are more than a brother to me, you are my King and I am your Crown. Polished by God, with very expensive virtues that humans can not buy. 
All for you Alone….
So on your birthday, I will put my picture with this poem, so when you see me, you will know that crown like me, can only be given to Kings.
You are a King and my everything.  
May the God lord bless you even more, on your next year.
Always with you in spirit and in all.
The children and I love you to the moon and beyond the moon. 
Happy birthday to you our very own HERO and King. 😘

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