***Sovereign or Mortal being***

Do not just reach for the stars but become the stars that many people reach for!!!

I have quickly realised that I was born not just to make history or be the star in my family alone. NO

I was born in a nation and a tradition which aren’t the end of my destiny. God intention for me, is beyond this physical world.

The reason why many people do not reach their full potential in their destiny is because:

“They have been poisoned into tradition of moryal being from a young age and have lost their divinity mandate given to them by the sovereign being.”

Listen my friend being born from your earth parents is a temperary way of life. It does not mean you must stay with them until the end of time… NO

You are either a sovereign being or a mortal being. You can not be both because one answers to God and the other answers to people. Tradition answers to people, sovereignty answers to God.

But answer me this….

If Joseph stayed in his father home, will he have been able to feed his family when famin came?

If david remained a Shepherd boy, fighting lions, will he had become a King?

If Abraham did not leave his father’s land to go where God took him, will we have the promise God gave him today?

Many parents in some parts of the continents  have stopped the spiritual growth of their children by advicing them how things are done in a tradition created by mortal being; failing to understand that there are acts of God in life that tradition alone will never be able to explain them.

There is nothing wrong in loving your parents and their tradition, but it becomes a problem when you want to enter into sovereign institution called marriage with mortal theories.  It just will not work…

You are sovereign or mortal being. Choose one because you can’t be both.

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