***Here is another observation***

  In my walk with the Lord I have realised somethings many saints believes…
1. You have to work hard to reach your destination.
2. You must be positive in all you do.
3. No doesn’t mean you should stop
4. Keep trying until you get there
5. The sky is your limit.

The moment you believe that the things of this world can control you, than you do not know the God you talk about.

Here are what I observed with God:

1. You do not have to work hard to reach your destination.

However you must understand and know the season you are in your life with God.  You see the problem is that Saints wants to look at Bill Gate as an example to be millionaire instead of looking at what God has told them to do!
You are you, not Bill Gate.

I use to think like this too and the moment I renewed my thinking I arrived at my calling in life not another human calling in life.

Work hard all you want but just know, it’s not everyone that has been called to take up the office of ‘Billionaires’.


You did not know being responsible with money is a ministry? Everything in this creation is a ministry, to God or to devil but many just don’t know.  God people are perish for lack of knowledge. You are friends with people who dont believe in your God and wonder why you are suffering.

2. You do not need to be positive in all you do if all that you are doing is what you were called to do.

Listen, what God has not called you to do, His grace will not be in it and when God grace is not in what you’re doing your own effort will make you tired and you’ll start saying things like: “Lord give me grace” NO… ask God instead “show me what I am suppose to do” and speaking positive will not work because you are not in God will for your life.

3. No does mean No…. therefore STOP.
There is a reason you got given a No.
Stop for a moment and evaluate.

That’s just it, people don’t evaluate anything they do.

They don’t evaluate:

– their spending
– their children
– their marriage
– their husband/wife

And the reason why many do not evaluate is because the system we are living in told them ‘DON’T GIVE UP’.

Now your head is thinking on over drive, and you miss to wish you child a happy birthay, or your spouse anniversary etc. Now your home is falling apart all because, NO doesn’t mean you must stop. Many issues happen to us because we never stepp back and evaluate if the choices we are making is dividing us, destroying us or building us!

4. You do not have to keep trying until you get there because you can never be disadvantaged as a child of a King.

Understand this one principal:

A child of God does not try to be anything because they are already everything.

5. The sky is not your limit not even your peddle stall.  I  use to think these too but like I said I changed my mindset. Eternity is and shall be the only limit.

So my fellow saint choose ye whom you will serve today. As for me and my home, We will serve:

-the Alpha and Omega
– the I am that I am

There is none like my God….

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