Just a writer’s reflection …..

When I say I’m not your average type of  woman it’s not because I am better than other women. NO.

But it’s because I am raising sound children alone with God.

I was a single parent most of my life. Even though I am married now but I am still raising the children alone with God because my husband is not yet near me.

I am passionate about women in general but mostly single mothers.

However there is something that I just want to address to those raising their children together in marriage is this:

WOMAN – If you are not going to give him advice about life or help him to find his way, please don’t belittle him by  sleeping with other men whom you think are doing better than your husband. Before you can do that, please end the relationship first, that way there is hope for the next woman to be treated nicely. Many men are dogs today  because a woman in their life whom they loved fully did not love them back. When you meet a guy and the first things he is talking about is what his ex did, know that he once loved and got his heart broken. It is easy to amend a child heart because they are young but when a grown man is already messed up in his matter of a heart, it is challenging and hard for any woman that comes after the bad woman. MAN – If you know that the woman you have has been good to you, has help you find yourself, help you get up when the previous girls destroyed you, just know one thing, she’s the woman you should give your heart to but unfortunately it does not happen like that in our society today. 

Reason why I said I am not your average kind of woman. 

I am a woman who has control over her emotions more than She lets out.

I am a woman who knows when to say no and walk out when she’s not being valued.

I am a woman who love with her actions and not just words.

I am an honest woman, faithful woman, but above all else a woman that fears God. 

I am not average but I am  excellent. 

Excellent because to get me to be your woman is easy like breathing air but to stay with me in my excellent spirit it’s the hardest thing to do because you can not be intimate with God and remain the same…and because people don’t like change, they walk away or try to change you to be like them.

I now realised so many people pray for what they do not really want or need.

Imagine praying for a faithful wife/husband, who will submit to you, who will love you unconditionally and when God gives you her/him, you decide that God did not know who He gave you and you start to manipulate her, insulting him, believing other people over what God told her/him for you and  the most hurting thing to God is when you are doing all of those things, you are telling God that He’s stupid to have given you a wife/husband like that.

This is what I have concluded in all the relationship I had in my life, it really was not me all along, these men I chose to carry their children were not ready for a woman like me. NO. Woman like me do not exist, only in the movies.

It is sad but true  that no matter how happy they try to show they are after me, only I and them know, that they look at me NOW and wish they were still with me because I am not your average woman. 

I am financially educated

I am consciously educated 

I am spiritually educated

I was not told about marriage by my parents but by God  Himself and what God told me is what all of them find hard to do and believe. 

Man if you have a good woman and you can not love her how she deserve, leave her please because you will turn her to becoming bad to the next man who will end up being treated bad by her and then go and treat an innocent girl bad.


So this is when the excellent women like me MUST step up and pick up the pieces, build up the men to the point that after you, they can not settle for anything less than you. This way when they get someone less than you, they will coach her to be like you by being like you were to them to the girl.

You know in life we have a way of repeating what is being done to us because we are afraid to stand in love. 

We believe love is weak. NO… if you knew what I know about love, you will love more than you do wrong. 

Tell me who being love is poor?

Now if being love makes you rich imagine the one giving you love, are they poor?

I’m not an average type of woman so STOP treating me like ONE!

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