***Here is an observation***

There are three types of individuals in the world:

1. The good Woman/Man – These individuals seem good to everyone around them.

2. The righteous Woman/Man – These individuals are the one who do right etc.

But these two individuals above still make mistakes. Then you have:

3. The Woman/Man of God – Now these individuals are the once that will do everything God ask them to do. Even if it means moving to another country. 

These individuals are what I call The “Thy said the Lord” type of people.  They could be committed in something but the moment God says leave where you are. They don’t start thinking is it God speaking etc. They just get up and go by faith.

We have so many of the two types of individuals in the body of christ because they worry about people seeing… people talking or what will this that say… forever caught up in human theories but not God’s theory.

May we all truly have an understanding of the God we claim we know. 

I write this with great pain but sometimes someone has to step up and do it how God wants it.

Lord watch over your true servants and continue exposing the fake ones.

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