If life is…..

If life is ….

… about looking good for others to see! Then I rather fail life.

If life is ….

….about competing with one another so we can feel important or better than the other! Then I rather not be important or  better than any of you.

If life is ….

….about fighting others to get to the top! Then I rather remain at the bottom.

Life is supposed to be about eachother not just one person. We spend time looking  at other people and desiring  to be like them and failing to see that there are other people desiring to be like us.

When will  you accept who you are and what you have as a sign that you are enough?

Why do you feel that you need to be something else to be enough?

You were never created to fit it with everyone but everyone was created to harmonise with eachother.

May you find your true self in the made up world…

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