***How I chose for the TRUTH to be Told***

I am a determined type of girl who from young she decided that she will change the world. 

I am gullible and unguarded by choice and not by naivety like many people believe. 

I am convincing that I am naive when the truth is I realised that’s the easier way to learn fast.

I been on this journey almost five years ago.

I reduced my status just so I can understand why many people react the way they do.

Call me a ‘self given researcher’ a word I created myself which symbolises a person sacrificing themselves to bring solutions to others.

These researches got me to realised the following:

1. There truly is a God. 

2. Love truly is a powerful weapon

3. We don’t need money to live

4. We are the masters of our life

5. We can put another’s need before ourselves.

Why did I do that?

Because I wanted to have God power, wisdom and heart.

I asked God this when I got born again and He told me to first read the book of proverbs and He will show me what He did.

He then told me, if you want to be like me you MUST:

1. Come off from your hautiness 

2. Accept to be less important 

3. Accept to be ridiculed, humiliated and insulted.

4. Accept to be used by people 

5. Accept for your love and kindness to be taken for granted.

Then you will have my power, wisdom and heart because until you can go through this and stand and still want love these people, you have become their creator without them even knowing. They will keep wanting you because you have become the physical God as I am the invisible God. 

I have been on a journey and I am so excited for you who are  still around because many run away. 

So as you look at this face, just know I layed down my life to be a public show in hope that you will see that God is real so is the gospel of christ…

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