Day 21: Nothing makes sense or does it?

Sometime I doubt myself, sometime I cry at night asking God questions I know He can’t tell me now…

But throught all these moments, there is something I noticed…. I don’t pretend to be something else before God but myself….

I say this to say that, Until you can not tell the different between the you in private and the you in public, you have conquored youreself But until your mind, body and soul are in one accord you have Mastered selfcontrol and this is what makes you to make authentic decisions and make you touch the sky.

Self control and self discipline are what you need to be prosperous…

So take it from me, a girl who had to grow up sooner, who pushed through life with her broken heart, who learned how to be world wise and who knew when to stop….

God doesnt want you to be perfect, He wants you just the way you are so you can be all that He sees you to be…… effortlessly.

The longer you walk with God …….. the more you see Him in His creation…….


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