Day 20: Be different to Make a difference!

Dear God help me to answer these questions today:-

Why has serving you become a matter of convenience ?
Why is it that a person who trusts you implicitly is a rare commodity?
Why has the desire to wait for your divine intervention been replaced with a desire to help you make things happen?
Why is it that wealth status connections and power are saluted more than humility grace and faith?
Why can’t we not love and serve our fellow man without being taken advantage of or seen as stupid!

…….Lord I am waiting for your REPLY!

After a long wait …….I finally get the response ……..

My dear daughter don’t you know it is by Grace you have been saved.

I know each person’s heart.

I know their beginning and I know their end.

Do not focus on these things it is not your problem they are mine to deal with.

Be careful not to make judgement become what you are seeing

and talking about or trying to change the world!

RATHER…..Keep you eyes on me.

Keep my commandments and CHOOSE to be DIFFERENT.


I chose long time ago to be different and make a difference ……..


How about YOU?

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