Day 17: Detest and Desire

What many detest are often what they desire….
I use to be like this when I was a child, but I am grateful that I have been ashered into maturity by my Father.

You see life as a whole is a journey and earth is the play ground, until you have dressed your conscience to understand that you are in a game, you are consciously naked and controled by the player.

You must dress up your conscience so that you can become the player and not the puppet…..

It is only Game over when you have been ordered into maturity, it’s not a choice but a virtue….

It is Time to GROW UP and one of the signs of maturity is visibility… children do a lot of hide and seek, the less visible you are, the less important you are to your world…

From these day forward, what you see is what you get…. and believe me, Not everyone will like me…. My own father told me, He said: ‘Be not afraid, I have gone before YOU!’


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