….. I know when this facade comes down and you leave this body, you will have a new body made by God Himself and not human hands….These earthly bodies makes you groan and sigh, but now you are invited to slip into your new body so that your dying earthly body will be swallowed up by the eternal life!

You should be looking forward with confidence to your heavenly bodies, realizing that every moment you spend in these earthly bodies is time spent away from your eternal home. Therefore let your aim here on earth be about pleasing God always in everything you do because you must all stand before Christ to be judged and have your lives laid bare before him. Each of you will receive whatever you deserve for the good or bad things you have done in your earthly body.

It is because of this solemn fear of the Lord, which is ever present in my mind, that’s why I work so hard to win others. God knows my heart, that it is pure in this matter, and I hope that, deep within, you really know it too.

Do you think I’m trying to pat myself on the back? No, I am giving you some good ammunition! You can use this on those preachers of yours who brag about how well they look and preach but don’t have true and honest hearts. You can boast about me that I, at least, is well intentioned and honest.

Am I insane to say such things about myself? If so, it is to bring glory to God and if I am in my right mind, it is for your benefit. Whatever I do, it is certainly not for my own profit but because Christ’s love controls me now. Since I believe that Christ died for me, I also believe that I have died to the old life I used to live.

Christ died for all so that all who live, having received eternal life from him, might live no longer for themselves, to please themselves, but to spend their lives pleasing Christ who died and rose for them. So stop evaluating Christians by what the world thinks about them or by what they seem to be like on the outside.

Once I mistakenly thought of Christ that way, merely as a human being like myself. How differently I feel now!  When someone becomes a Christian, they become a brand new person on the inside, they are not the same anymore and a new life has begun!

All these new things are from God who brought you back to himself through what Christ did and God has given you the privilege of urging everyone to come into His favor and be reconciled to Him. For God was in Christ, restoring the world to himself, no longer counting human’s sins against them but blotting them out. This is the wonderful message He has given me to tell others.

I am Christ’s ambassadors, I am a voice and not a noise!

God is using me to speak to you: I beg you, as though Christ himself were here pleading with you, receive the love He offers you and be reconciled to God. For God took the sinless Christ and poured into Him your sins. Then, in exchange, He poured His goodness into YOU!

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