My Best Friend


 A good friend

Doesn’t love for what you have

But love for who you are

That’s why I call you My Best Friend.


In a story of love

The words is always full of Life

Because what’s in the heart

Always comes out in the tongue!

To have a good friend like you

It’s like having money in times of need!


You are that person that helped me

When I was in need,

That’s why I swear in my heart

I will do everything

That I possibly can for you

You’ve made my heart merry!

Jesus Christ, you are My Best Friend!


You stopped every trouble in my life

So that my walk with you is done in peace!

We find ourselves feeding onto Love

While I freely give you praise

As you bring down blessing from above

So that I may live in your abundance

And deeply know who you are!


I came to you with scars of the deception of this world

And I was very emotional

My mouth was heavy and spoke words of death

Then the Holy Spirit filled me with life

I’m not able to seat steal

When I hear your name mentioned

My heart ignites in flame

I want to fall down and glorify you

Jesus Christ, you are my Best friend!


I am young in Love

I don’t know how to love

Yet you make my heart merry

Jesus Christ you are My Best friend!


   What name should I call you?

The father of my children,

The flower of my heart

Or Jesus the lover of all hearts

Jesus Christ, you are My Best Friend!






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