About a Heart

About a heart
You said you are so excited in your heart!
You feel it in your heart
so it has to be right!

About a Heart
Every time she talks to you,
You feel right in your heart
But have you ever considered
Every feeling you feel
is me crying out to you
saying: ‘look at me, I’m right here in you’ Instead you focus to see what you see and push aside what u do not see!

About a heart
I was given to be loved,
cared for and appreciated
by the one who owes me.

About a heart
When she finally hurts you,
I’m still there giving you that feeling
only this time I’m saying,
‘I will always love you’
and even if you do not see me,
I will remain faithful to you…

About a heart,
I have finally find you
and you are now aware of me…
You call me your heart beat.
Every time you get the feeling,
it’s me you think off first…

About a heart
I’m glad after all you put me through,
I still believe in me, (your heart),
more than you did,
that’s why you looked out to others
when all along I was right hear!

About a heart
If only you choose to live in your heart, you will see that what you were looking for was always there because I was made and created for you, but because u do not see me, u put me aside!

About a Heart
Created with Love and eternity in mind!

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