Have you ever considered?

The girl in the field

Gathering crops for her siblings

Alone not by choice

Rather by force

She hates her skin

Wondering why she has to suffer?

She gets hurt not by strangers

But by those she knows

She considered

Laying her beauty skin down

For a better life with the stranger

The stranger treated her well

While her own kind use and abused her

Everything she does is for her siblings

Have you ever considered?

One day she would be in the strange land

Being treated well by the stranger

Who loves and calls her ‘My Beauty Queen’

The hate of her skin was only because

Those she knew treated the other skins better than her but today she’s treated

Like a Queen!

She never knew in a million years,

She will be ready for this moment

The moment when she became her dream

That girl on the field is now the Queen,

Oo what a joy,

To watch the other skins applauding for her,

As she walks to the stage to deliver the long waited speech

There she was alone physically, yet spoken for,

He fills her mouth every time she opens to speak

When she spoke, the silence sounded so loud

The clicks of the cameras were faintly heard.

She smiled and smiled…

The other skins applaud as she ended the speech,

Left, right, she walks swinging her phenomenal hips side to side

She walks in elegance showing her lovely legs and high heels…

Ooo what a joy to be her,

Ooo what a joy to be a woman,

Ooo what a joy to be……

An African woman in this world…

Have you considered being my skin and walk a mile?

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1 thought on “SKINS

  1. blogbybess1 04/06/2012 — 09:26

    Nice one Niina

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