Africa is the whole WORLD

Africa is the Whole word


I am Africa

ADMIRATION of my body, that’s where it all started!

My body is a rare FORTUNE in their lusting eyes.

Even though they abuse me, stole my fortune and raped me!

I still AM Africa

I been through the pain like a woman in labour waiting for that final push so she could come to that place of REST!

I,I,I,I// My,My,My,My… INVISIBLE is who they have made me to be…


I AM still Africa

CONFUSED? Don’t be!

All of my Fortune have been stolen and given AWAY…

How could they have rest, when they have invested part of me!

The Core of the matter is that you have spread part of me to the whole world!

Africa is who I am
Africa is who you are
Africa is the whole world!

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