This World

When I laugh, your world rejoices

As I release a rare and unique atmosphere…

An atmosphere which infect you all like a virus

You become happy inside out; no pain or hurt is found in your world, when I laugh!

You than laugh with me for living like a movie

And we are in this world together like a FAIRY TALE world; only this one is a world of ART.

The art of hearts, two hearts with one beat.

Music, drama, love our every step is a note

Our road is the keyboard, our walls are of paintings of love and our voice is a melody.

Each note we bring forth is like ‘Alice in the wonderland only this one is ‘US in the Melodyland

We are in sync with our world

We forever dance in its beat

Like a ballerina dancing into salsa

swinging the hips instead of the feet!

That’s how our world takes us.

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